Case Study

'Haul Brothers' Hits #1 Ranking in Their Area and Explodes with 400% Business Growth in One Year With This 'Ninja' Strategy!


Background of JUNK-IFY.COM®️

  • Mission: Empower junk haulers with free industry knowledge for better work-life balance and profitable businesses.
  • Services: Cutting-edge lead capturing and empowering haulers with industry knowledge.
  • Achievements: Assisted over 250 Junk Removal Companies since 2021 in four countries, providing guidance to Junk Removal Franchise Brands.
  • Key Resource: ‘Junk Removal Secrets’ Playbook – a comprehensive guide for success in the junk removal industry.

Client Profile

  • Business Name: Haul Brothers Junk Removal
  • Location: California
Client Challenges

Haul Brothers Junk Removal faced several challenges before partnering with JUNK-IFY.COM:

  • Lack of a strong organic presence online.
  • Non-mobile-friendly website with poor conversion rates.
  • Restricted access to hosting platforms, leading to dependency on their previous marketing agency.
  • Averaging only 2 jobs per day despite having 2 trucks.
  • Absence of offline marketing strategies.
  • No tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and marketing effectiveness.
  • Inefficient payroll and bonus systems.
  • Lack of a solid sales framework for on-site job closure.
  • Untapped potential in the existing client database.


Solutions Implemented

JUNK-IFY.COM intervened with a comprehensive set of solutions:

  • SEO and Social Media Strategy: Implemented an aggressive content strategy, with 60-90 daily posts on major platforms, leading to a dominant online presence.
  • Website Overhaul: Recovered website credentials and focused on mobile optimization.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Enhanced website features for better lead conversion.
  • Offline Marketing Tactics: Introduced effective strategies like EDDM, ZIGMA, Truckwaive, and more.
  • Data-Driven Management: Enabled tracking of KPIs and other crucial business metrics.
  • Payroll and Team Member Metrics System: Streamlined payroll processes and introduced performance metrics.
  • Bonus Program: Implemented an innovative bonus system to motivate team members.
  • Sales Process Optimization: Improved on-site job completion rates.
  • Client Base Reactivation: Quarterly promotions to increase client lifetime value (LTV).
  • Significant jump in job average from 2 to 8-10 per day.
  • Ranking #1 in their area with a 400% increase in business within 12 months.
  • Reduced payroll expenses from 50% to 18%.
  • Over 90% success rate in on-site job completion.
  • Robust tracking of business metrics and lead management.
Client Testimonials
  • James: “It’s the best decision we have ever made.”
  • Griffin: “With other marketing agencies, you are paying for a service, with JUNK-IFY.COM you truly have a partner that has your back and actually cares about your success.”

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