Case Study

Revamping Lead Generation for a Nationwide Junk Removal Franchise in Texas


Background of JUNK-IFY.COM®️

  • Mission: Empower junk haulers globally with industry knowledge and advanced lead capturing services.
  • Achievements: Assisted over 250 Junk Removal Companies since 2021 using the ‘Junk Removal Secrets’ Playbook.

Client Profile

  • Client: Confidential Junk Removal Franchise
  • Location: Texas
  • Background: A prominent nationwide franchise with a strong team, achieving over $1.2 Million in Sales Revenue in 2022.
Client’s Challenges

The Confidential Junk Removal Franchise in Texas was grappling with inefficient lead generation, marked by:

  • Excessive spending on lead generation, accounting for over 20% of their revenue.
  • Extremely high cost per lead, with Google Ads campaigns costing up to $1,200 per lead.
  • Challenges in working with the official marketing vendor, due to policy and access restrictions.
Our Involvement

JUNK-IFY.COM®️ collaborated with the franchise while they were still engaged with their official marketing vendor. Our role included:

  • Conducting detailed analyses and multiple consultations.
  • Identifying key areas for improvement in their Google Ads campaigns.
  • Providing technical strategies for optimizing their digital marketing efforts.
Challenges with the Official Marketing Vendor

Despite restrictions in accessing the Google Ads account directly, JUNK-IFY.COM®️ managed to:

  • Communicate effectively with the franchise to relay necessary changes to their vendor.
  • Offer comprehensive technical strategies within the confines of existing policy and access limitations.
Solutions and Implementation

Our strategic approach involved:

  • Advising to pause a costly branding campaign.
  • Implementing Target CPA for enhanced cost control.
  • Optimizing campaigns, including asset addition and ad copy refinement.
  • Monitoring and adjusting keywords for improved performance.
  • Achieved a reduction in cost per lead by over 50%, from $50 to under $23.
  • Decreased marketing spending to below 10% of revenue.
  • Facilitated a sales revenue increase to over $1.7 Million in less than two years.
  • Added an impressive half a million dollars in revenue within 24 months.
Client Testimonial
  • Client Quote: “JUNK-IFY helped us with our campaign, improving our numbers, and now we are getting better results at lower costs.”

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